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General information about products

Innovative fire extinguishing system with a thermally activated microencapsulated fire extinguishing agent in an aerosol-forming shell FIPRON CORD (hereinafter referred to as the product or FIPRON CORD) is a fundamentally new fire extinguishing agent designed for extinguishing class A2, B fires and live electrical equipment in small-volume protection facilities without human intervention  4000 dm3 (electrical panels, cabinets with electrical equipment, cable ducts), located in rooms with an operating temperature from minus 50 ° C to plus 80 ° C and a humidity of no more than 80 percent.

1.1 Products of the FIPRON CORD type can be installed together with a high-voltage electric cable in closed cable ducts, subject to the approval of the installation diagram with the manufacturer and provision of a protected volume per linear meter, in accordance with the fire extinguishing ability of a particular type of FIPRON CORD: protection by one linear meter of volume  no more for MS-50 dm3, for M1-100 dm3, for M2-200 dm3, for M3-300 dm3, for M6-600 dm3.

1.2.  Trade name of the product: Fipron cord MS, M1, M2, M3, M6.

1.3.  FIPRON CORD works as an intelligent fire extinguishing system.  The effect of temperature on its active components causes the release of a fire extinguishing component, up to the complete suppression of the fire.

1.4.  The main distinctive features of FIPRON CORD products:

• flexible base allows installation in hard-to-reach places with different bending radii;

• light weight, ensures easy transportation of the product;

• strength properties allow the product to be used in a wide temperature range.

1. 5. FIPRON CORD is designed to protect electrical equipment in conditionally sealed volumes.  The product must not be used to protect equipment installed outside cabinets or in cabinets with forced ventilation.

Video example of installation of fire extinguishing product Fipron Cord.