Aerosol Generator

 portable extinguishing generator

Portable solid propellant gas-aerosol generator is a new generation fire extinguisher consisting of an extinguishing agent (OTV) with ejector cooling and an inflow of ambient air into the fire extinguishing stream, which allows you to effectively extinguish flames of types A, B and E, F according to GOST classification.

Completely safe for humans and does not harm equipment and the environment. The length of the OTV stream (up to 6 meters) does not decrease during the entire operating time

 effectively extinguishes a fire in a conditionally sealed volume: 

  • premises
  • transport
  • power plants
  • switchboards
  • extinguishing fuel spills
  • burning clothes

One is capable of providing complete fire extinguishing in a confined space up to 65 m3, which makes it possible to calculate the number of units required for any volume of an object requiring protection.

The latest portable fire extinguisher

  Unique design, very efficient and can only be operated with one hand.

  The latest portable fire extinguisher based on aerosol technology is the Fire-Squid.  extinguishing reach of a maximum of 3 meters Fire-Squid is very useful for the initial stage of fires at home, as well as in cars, caravans or on board boats and yachts.

  Fire-Squid is a unique and highly effective fire suppression system with a total weight of less than 1.5 kg.  It has been specially designed to be operated with one hand and is therefore very easy to use.  Extinguishing time 30 seconds

  This innovative fire extinguishing system is environmentally friendly and harmless to humans and animals.  In addition, Fire-Squid is maintenance-free for the first 5 years.


  •   Advantages
  •   Unique Design
  •   Very effective
  •   OFire-Squid
  •   Can be operated with one hand
  •   Rlustoes
  •   Weight less than 1.5 kg.
  •   Extinguishing time 30 seconds
  •   Fire extinguishing range 3 meters
  •   Ecologically pure
  •   Harmless to humans and animals
  •   Maintenance-free for the first 5 years



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